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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
How To Be A Person ‘X’ Oriented Church II

How To Be A Person ‘X’ Oriented Church II

July 9, 2013
-A church becomes person X oriented when its members become person X oriented. Person X oriented members cater to making people feel the have a family in the church.

- Luke 19:1-
Jesus showed person X orientation by talking to obscure Zacchaeus up in the tree and even telling him that He was coming to his house.

6. Call people by their names soon after you have met them. Call by the pet name if they prefer it - it brings you into the circle of friends.

7. Never tease someone who does not like being teased. 

8. Show interest in people's personal lives. Ask about home, job, school, etc tactfully. Not everyone is mature enough to not be embarrased about their job or other things in their life.

9. Show an interest in people's asprirations, visions and goals.

10. Offer food and drinks to visitors whenever you can.
Anagkazo, Biazo & Anadeia

Anagkazo, Biazo & Anadeia

July 7, 2013
Ephesians 2:8-10

Three Greek Words That Will Help Us To Evangelize

1. Anagkazo Luke 14:16 -23
-Anagkazo means to compel, necessitate, drive, constrain by all means, such as force, threats, persuasion and entreaties.
-Anagkazo is translated into 'compel' in the KJV Bible in Luke 14:23.

2. Biazo
- Biazo means to force one's way into a thing. Matt 11:11,12
- Biazo is translated into 'force' in Matt 11:12 in the KJV.

3. Anaideia Luke 11:5-8
- Anaideia means to be shameless, and is translated into "importunity" in Luke 11:8 in the KJV.

How To Be The Person X Oriented Church

How To Be The Person X Oriented Church

July 2, 2013
- X is the unknown factor that we have to solve for in algebra. In church, 'person X' is the person that is not known. 
- Churches tend to lean more towards person k - k usually denotes the constant - the faithful one that comes all the time.

- The growth and future of your church depends on how you treat person X. Person k does not change based on you input.

- We need to have the compassion that Jesus spoke of in Matt 9:36-38 that even extended into the prayer for more laborers to joing the harvest.

- Acts 10:24-28

How Do We Make A Person X Welcome:

1. Make people feel that we really want them around. This is genuine making people welcome.
2. We must appreciate the people around. 
3. Genuinely admire peolpe and what they have, but make sure it is genuine admiration.
4. Show them that you respect them no matter who they are or what they have.
5. Be conscious of people who have inferiority complex and treat them carefully. 2 Cor 8:1-5
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