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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
Christ’s Power Over Death

Christ’s Power Over Death

March 31, 2013

Matt 27:57-65

- Jesus rose not just from sleep, but from death. They had secured, sealed, and guarded the tomb

Jesus had shown His powe over death a few times before:

1. Jairus' daughter

2. The widows son on the way to burial

3. Lazarus dead and buried and fourth day after.

Then He went for the final one - He Himself would die and rise again from it.

The Wisdom of the Cross (The Wisdom of Sacrifice)

The Wisdom of the Cross (The Wisdom of Sacrifice)

March 29, 2013

1 Cor 1:18-25

1 Cor 2:6-8

- The wisdom of the cross is of a higher level that the wisdom of the world and the devils could handle.

Sacrifice is denying the self. He said he that will come after me, let him deny himself... that is the thing that rightfully belongs to him, he should forego it.

- The preaching of the cross is foolishness to some (the perishing that are not going to find out the great benefits of it) but is wisdom to another set.

- The sacrifices a christian has to make look like foolish moves to an unbeliever.

Christian Sacrifices: We need to learn to sacrifice our:

1. Time: to learn, pray, read bible, go to church, etc. That is where the power is.

2. Money: our money looks very valuable in church but is low in value when we are buying stuff. But we need to give to a point of sacrifice to support the work of ministry.

3. Family: Luke 14:16-26

4. Comfort and Wellbeing: lose some sleep, drive some distance.

5. Safety and security: you have to do some risky things.

Continuing To The End

Continuing To The End

March 26, 2013

Jesus had His mission of going to the cross and the grave and out again.

Matt 12:38-40 Mark 8:31-33 Mark 9:31-33 Mark 10:32-35

A christian ought to have the mentality that the earth and its sufferings and joys are temporal, but the real riches and hope are in heaven with the LORD.

What other bible believers said showing their hope in God:

- Phil 1:21 Paul - Gen 49:33 Jacob, Num 23:10

Other Christians in History:

- Ignatius - the Bishop of Antioch 100AD personal disciple of John the apostle "I thank thee that thou has honored me with thy word. Praise God" while being burnt at the stake.

- Father Polycarp - an apostle of JOhn who lived in Nero's reign. Sentenced to death and offered to deny Jesus or be burnt to death.

Roman consul:  "Swear reproach to Christ and I will set thee at liberty. " Father Polycarp: "Eighty and six years have I serveed Christ and he has never done me wrong. How then can I deny my LORD and saviour." He refused to be bound while being burnt saying that God will gice him strength to stand still in the fire.

-Augustus -author of one of hte most evangelic hymns of 18th centtury Rock of Ages cleft for me.

- William Shakespare died 1616 AD at 52. His will revealed his faith in God.

- Matthew Henry - a non conformist theologian "a life spent in the service of God and in communion with Him is the most comfortable life that anyone can lead in this present world.

- John Wesley "the best of all is that 'God is with us'."

- Charles B? died at 12. Loved to read Bible. When sick he said "I desire to die that I may go to my saviour."


- Tom Payne - the age of reason

- Voltaire 1694-1778 - the nurse who attended his death said "for all the money of Europe, I would not see another infidel die.

Why You Should Be Anointed

Why You Should Be Anointed

March 24, 2013

- It's not only for preachers, pastors, prophets, as we often think, and thereby exclude ourselves. Zech 4:6

1. You must be anointed because no one can fulfill their purpose and mission by human power only. Zech 4:6-7

2. Even Jesus Christ waited to be anointed before starting ministry. Luke 3:21

3. You must be anointed because even the apostles were commanded to wait for the anointing of the Holy Ghost before beginning ministry. Acts 1:4-8

4. You must be anointed because great prophets like Elisha asked for a double portion of the anointing. 2 Kings 2:9

5. You must be anointed because King Saul was not transformed into another man until he received the anointing. 1 Samuel 10:6

6. You must be anointed because King David ascribed all his blessings to the anointing Psalm 51:11

7. The anointing is essential because Moses refused to continue the ministry without it. Exodus 33:15-19

Luke 11:9-13

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