UA-96339200-1 Your Destiny In Christ
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Your Destiny In Christ

March 21, 2017

Preached @ LCI LA (Pasadena)


Sometimes your blessings are locked up and the key to it is a sacrifice. 
Jesus first loved you, so He is entitled to have you in his house. 
Romans 8:28-32
  • Confession: God will photoshop my life
1) Conform to the image of His Son 
Some people are so far from Christ that they don't look like Him 
But when people are saved in Christ, they look more like Him
The image between you and Christ is supposed to be sharp and close, instead are surprised when they hear you are a Christian 
Revelation 5:12
The blood of Jesus has international saving powers--it's able to cross different boundaries 
  • Confession: God looks at me as a king and a priest
Revelation 5:12
   a) power—no longer need to be afraid; demons are afraid of me; we are running away from things we are supposed to be running after; 
   b) riches—the fruitfulness of riches comes with giving; God's plan is for you to have things in abundance; you are usually in love with what a tool does, not the tool itself
  • Confession: I refuse to accept poverty. I refuse to be poor
   c) wisdom—it is our portion in Christ 
   d) strength—God has given us strength on the inside 
  • Confession: I have strength, I am no longer weak, I am a strong Christian
   e) honour—God is bring you honor and shame is going away 
  • Confession: I will be respected, I will be honored
   f) glory—God is bringing you beauty
Fight because you know you will win, the outcome of the battle is predetermined. The victory doesn't come without you getting in the fight 
   g)blessings—confess your blessings. 
  • Confession: I am blessed! I am a very blessed person 
Blessing=happy, fortunate, to be envied; God is not afraid of your enemies 
A way to recognize a demonic thought, is when a thought depresses you 

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