UA-96339200-1 Tithing Part II
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Tithing Part II

September 27, 2015

Malachi 3:8
   - stealing is done in secrecy
    - robbery is done with awareness
    -Leviticus 27:30
    -the only power you have over tithing is to give it to the Lord
    -robbing the Lord means not giving the Lord what belongs to Him
1) 10% of your income is property of the Lord
2) Not paying your tithe is stealing God's property
3) The bible admonishes the thieves not to steal anymore
     -Ephesians 4:28
     - contentment is great gain when you add it to godliness
4) There will be no thieves in Heaven
     -Matthew 6:20
5) Stealing brings a curse
    -Zechariah 5:3

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