UA-96339200-1 The Territorial Nature of Demons

The Territorial Nature of Demons

June 3, 2012

Mark 5:1-17 We can see what the demons would like to do in a person's life depending on how much control they have over that life.

1. Demons occupy and work in specific places. Different demons take over specific places and it is evident in their different manifestations in the different areas.

v9-10 The demons were a group and perhaps the one that spoke is the captain. When they saw they had to leave the man, they started seeking the next best option - to stay in their area.

Matt 12:43-45 - Demons when cast out of a man are displaced. - They can identify a specific place or person as their dwelling.

Eph 6:10-12 v12 - Principalities - rulers of a region

Implications: 1. Church planting is more difficult in some places than others. 2. It will be difficult therefore for churches to grow in some places than others. 3. Prayer is more difficult in some places. 4. Marriage is also different from place to place. 5. Business is also different in different places. 6. You will not have certain problems until you go to certain places. 7. It also means you must sanctify every home, room or dwelling place that you move into. 8. It is the explanation for the peculiar characteristics of 'races', tribes and different people groups. 9. Don't judge, mock, or laugh at someone because of their particular problem - it may be because of where they are or have passed that you have not been.