UA-96339200-1 The Art of Ministry - How To Find Your Life’s Work

The Art of Ministry - How To Find Your Life’s Work

May 30, 2016

Seven Things You Must Know about Work

1.  Know that work is better than rest, because God worked six days and rested one day.
Exodus 20:11

--Your introduction to work are your chores

2. Understand why too much rest is a negative thing.
Proverbs 6:10-11

3.  Know that happiness at work is one of the gifts from God
Ecclesiastes 5:19
--Pray that God gives you this gift

4.  Know the things that take away the joy of work.
Songs of Solomon 2:15
--Identify the frustrating elements of your work and attack it.

5.  It is possible to work without craving for leave.
John 9:4

6.  Keep searching till you find your life’s work.
Esther 4:14
--The way we discover things is try to them

7.  Decide to work rather than to play or to rest.
Nehemiah 4:6

Seven Ways to Identify Your Life’s Work

1.Your life’s work will give a new meaning to your life.

2. Your life's work is something God has called you to do
John 4:34

3.Your life’s work is something that you will not hate.
Ecclesiastes 2:17-18

4. If you do your life's work you will enjoy the rewards of your labor
Ecclesiastes 3:13

5. In your life's work, money will no longer drive you
Ecclesiastes 5:10
--Being a lover of money, will be your problem

6. In your life's work you will not labor in vain

7. Your life's work make you become a blessing to others
Acts 20:35

8. In your life's work, your talent will be revealed
Ecclesiastes 5:12