UA-96339200-1 Seven Steps To Encouraging Yourself
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Seven Steps To Encouraging Yourself

September 16, 2014

The strength of the builder can be decayed. 
Nehemiah 4:10-11
Courage enables a person to face difficulty, pain, etc without fear. 
Joshua 1:3-7; 9
You need courage to step into the promises God has given us. 
Courage is your strength. 
How do we stay encouraged? 
1) develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit 
     1 John 4:4
2) receive living messages from God by the simple messages of scriptures 
3) remember other problems God has delivered you from 
    Mark 8:18-21
4) make positive confessions 
    -let your words match with what you are expecting 
    -faith is related to speaking 
5) learn to listen to the appropriate messages and get fired up again 
6) play the right music at the right time 
7) avoid depressive and discouraging personalities/people