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Principles of Allos - ||

June 12, 2011

God made everything to reproduce after their kind, and He said this pattern was good. He already blessed this process. This is how we too are to prosper.

Key Scriptures: Gen 1:11-12, 21, 25,26-28 and Eccl 1:8-10

5. Allos makes you dependent and sheep like. Ps 23:1-6 applies to those humbling themselves and accepting to be as sheep.

6. Gives access to strategies and formulae that have worked for your kind.

7. Becoming an allos makes you a member of a particular group.

8. Becomin give you an easy road to ministry

9. Moves you surge ahead in ministry faster

10. Understanding alloshelps you when you encounter difficulties. If you appreaciate the fact that nothing is new, then you can be humble to find the solution amongst those who have seen them before.