UA-96339200-1 International Sunday -How To Overcome Discrimination

International Sunday -How To Overcome Discrimination

September 1, 2013
International Sunday is one Sunday in the year that the church has set aside to recognize and celebrate the diversity in the church.

One thing that causes the church to lose members is discrimination against certain people.

James 2:1-4 says that we should not treat people differently, based on how they are dressed.

Philippians 2:13 says that it is God who causes us to serve Him.

When we find people from all walks of life in church, it means that it is God who has caused them to be there. God likes diversity. We see variety in nature, in trees, fruit, birds and so on.

5 ways to make people feel special

1.  Learn to call people by their name.

2.  Smile at them and look them in the eye when you speak to them.

3.  Be sincere and do not flatter them. Proverbs 24:24

4.  Look for good qualities in them. Focus on the good things in people.

5.  Give general compliments.

6.  Give compliments on specific things.

7. Compliment them in front of other people.