UA-96339200-1 Five Things That Destroy Churches - Critical Spirit
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Five Things That Destroy Churches - Critical Spirit

October 27, 2013

3. A Critical Spirit:
- Someone who criticizes others all the time. One who only sees the worst in everyone and everything.

- The devil is called the accuser of the brethren. We must be careful not to do the devil's work by accusing each other. Revelation 12:10

- 2 Samuel 15:1-4
- Absalom had a critical spirit. He pointed out the shortcomings of King David to the Israelites and won the hearts of the people.

- We who are not perfect, should not demand perfection from others. Every thing that is good about us came from God. We should not look down on others because they are different.

- Matthew 7:1-5 - God does not want us to be critical and judgmental of others.
- When we see something missing in our church, instead of complaining about it, we should help to solve that problem.

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