UA-96339200-1 Five Facts About The Call of God
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Five Facts About The Call of God

August 7, 2012

Christians must expect that there is a reason God has called them.

A call from God to do anything at all is a privilige and a blessing:

1. Many are called. Matt 22:14 God is interested in many people and provides them opportunity. Not many respond, so few are chosen.

2. There is a call to fruitfulness. A general call to fruitfulness. John 15:16, John 6:44 That is a call to everyone to be fruitful

3. Some people are called in a spectacular way. Acts 9:3-6 Spectacular calling of Paul.

4. Some people are called in an ordinary way. 1 Kings 19:11

5. Some people are called through their desires 1 Tim 3:1 ...if a man desires the office of a bishop. Phil 2:13 ...God worketh in us both to will and do ...

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