UA-96339200-1 Encouraging Yourself In The LORD

Encouraging Yourself In The LORD

March 6, 2012

Judges 6:1-7:15

The LORD can send even that which is bitter to our taste to get it to achieve a specific end. We must not think that only the good comes from the LORD. Rom 8:28 says all the things of the LORD work together for good to those... not that the things themselves are good, but their end is good.

God sends a messenger at the time when He has prepared you.

God sees and  knows us better than what our circumstances have made us to be like or to think of ourselves.

It is a good time to give an offering when you realize the presence of the LORD.

When God is with you, you do not need to worry about what else is missing. He will fill up for it. He may even strike down some of what you are counting on to help.