UA-96339200-1 Allos
Apostle Joel Obuobisa


May 29, 2011

allos is a greek word that means: allos - another of the same kind heteros is greek word opposite of allos that another  of a different kind

In life we are  often deluded that we will be new and original like there has never been before. We may waste a precious part of life trying to make the illusion work.

In Eccl 1:8-9, we read that 'That which has been is that which shall be. There is nothing new under the sun.'

In Genesis when describing how God created the various animal kinds, we often encounter the phrase that they brought forth after their kind. And also God saw that the idea of bringing forth after the same kind was a good thing. This is the patter of progress that He established.

Allos is good because:

- it brings humility - no one can boast but in the LORD who created all things. - it makes it possible to have many more gifts than just the one you were given naturally - passes gifs to another generation