UA-96339200-1 Allos: They Key To Teamwork

Allos: They Key To Teamwork

July 17, 2011

God has ordained that thing produce by bringing forth after their kind. If you want to grow look at how your kind grows and input the same things as they do.

John 4:37 1 Cor 3:10

God's work is not accomplished by one person but by teams. For a team to accomplish the thing assigned, they need to be of one mind.

All the church members must have the same mind to do the work of God: call others, witness, etc. 1 Cor 3:1-10

Ps 133:1-3 The place of brethren dwelling in unity is where the LORD commanded the blessing and life forever more.

Gen 11:1-8 The same language and purpose made the people capable of doing 'anything'. Confused language stopped the building of the city.