UA-96339200-1 15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing IV

15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing IV

May 5, 2013

11. The anointing will cause you to develop a powerful relationship with God. It creates a special bond with God, because it is the Spirit of God. - Psa 89:26-27 - Gen 20:7, 17-18

12. The anointing will give eternal things - Rev 14:13 - Blessed are the dead... Wait. We count the dead as not blessed. But in God's eyes, there are some dead which are blessed - those that die in the LORD. The rest from their labors and the labor they did follows them, not perishing.

13. The anonintong with cause God to have a covenant with you. Psalm 89:28.

14. The anointing will cause God to establish your children. Psalm 89:29. Malachi 4:6 - when the hearts of the fathers are turned away from the children and the hearts of the children not towards the fathers, it creates a an environment for a curse.

15. The anointing will give you a long lasting ministry. Psal 89:36-37