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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
7 Things That You Can Expect From You Shepherd/Pastor II

7 Things That You Can Expect From You Shepherd/Pastor II

August 24, 2014
Ps 23. 
1 Pet 5:1-4 
Acts 20:28 
John 21:15-17 
Jer 3:15 
Matt 4:4
- The fact that there is a chief shepherd means there are other shepherds( like elders)
- You relate to the government by relating to its agents
- God feeds His people through giving spiritual food to the shepherds.
- The feeding of the sheep is important to The Lord.
- Feeding is having a constant supply of food or something to something or someone who needs it.
- Man is not designed to survive on bread alone but also every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
- Our spiritual food breaks down into knowledge and understanding whiles physical food breaks down into vitamins n carbohydrate etc
- To be feed properly you need to be at a place of rest( lie down)
7 Things That You Can Expect From Your Shepherd/Pastor

7 Things That You Can Expect From Your Shepherd/Pastor

August 17, 2014
Matt 9:35-36
Is 53:6 Ps 23:1 
- Sheep are distressed and scattered without a shepherd.
- The sheep goes astray without a shepherd.
- The church is the operational centre where the shepherd operates so need to belong to a church to have a shepherd( pastor)
Ps  23:1-6
- The sheep experience prosperity and blessings (vs 1)
- The blessing of peace and calmness ( vs 2). This depends on ur ability to be led by the shepherd.
- The sheep receives spiritual food n nourishment (vs 2). The word of God is the engine of a mans life.
- The blessing of comfort n encouragement( vs 4)
- The blessings of the grace of God( anointing)  in your life.(vs 5)
-  The blessings of goodness and mercy.( vs 6)
- The blessing of eternal living. ( vs 6)
Why We Have Missions

Why We Have Missions

August 3, 2014
John 3:16, Lk 16:19-23, Rom 10:8-15
- God loves the whole world.
- God expects everyone to move from their present location to somewhere else n preach
- When we serve God well and do His wish,He feels obligated to bless us for things we have not asked for Eg.A good service of a waiter at a restaurant.
- God has shown us how not to perish but if we do,He has no option than to punish us.Eg The duty of the govt or police.
- Life is like a musical chair with the players losing focus of securing their place on the chair but rather get so engulfed with the music of life.
- The reason why people have not heard,believed and called upon The Lord is bcos there no preachers have been sent.
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