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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
Five Things That Hinder The Process of Building (Sages of Disloyalty)

Five Things That Hinder The Process of Building (Sages of Disloyalty)

September 22, 2013
- Matthew 16:18 God is building His church. A church needs to be built. Churches close down when they stop building. The building process should never stop.

- We must all help to build. We should make God's vision of building His church our vision. This makes us become closer to God.

- Nehemiah 4:6 says that the wall was built because the people had a mind to work.

- Nehemiah 4:11 says that their adversaries came in their midst to cause the work to cease.

1. An independent spirit. Someone with an independent spirit is not fully submitted to the leadership of the church. 2 Samuel 3:20 - 28, 2 Samuel 18:5 - 12

- Joab had an independent spirit and did not obey all of King David's commands.

- Nehemiah 6:1-3 We need to prioritize our time, mon Title 

Podcasting ey and energy, because we do not have an infinite amount of these 3 things. We need to spend them on the work of God first, before we think of other things.

Why You Must See Yourself As A Shepherd

Why You Must See Yourself As A Shepherd

September 17, 2013
-God's people are seen by Him as sheep - dependent creatures.
This means then, 'Why You Must Be Involved In Looking After God's People.'

- Ezekiel 34:5-11 - when there is no shepherd the sheep are scattered and become prey to the beasts of the field.

-If we can increase the amount of shepherding on the church, we should increase also the gathering.

-the diseased need strengthening
-the sick need healing
-the broken need to be bound up 
-the driven need to be brought back

- Matt 9:36-38

- Neh 6:1-3 - Do not leave the great work of God's kingdom to go do some lesser business.

- Matt 6:27,33 God takes care of us when we mind His sheep. We should realize we cannot even change any thing by taking thought.

How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church IV

How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church IV

September 8, 2013
- The word of God is a light. So the more of it we have the better.
- God blessings and benefits are applicable based on our relating to Him as His sheep: 
- Psalms 78:52
- Psalm 95:6-8
- Psalm 100:1-5
- Psalm 79:13

- Matthew 10:31 says that the hairs on our head are all numbered. God is interested in every detail in our life.

- We need to trust that God will take care of us and become more devoted to Him.

Psalm1 126:6 says that we need to sow our seed.
- We need to obey the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. If we are willing to lose our seed, we will reap a harvest in the future.

How to develop devoted church members 

5. We need to help each other find employment. We need to help solve each other's problems.  Galatians 6:10

6. Encourage church members to marry each other.

7. We must socialize with each other.
International Sunday -How To Overcome Discrimination

International Sunday -How To Overcome Discrimination

September 1, 2013
International Sunday is one Sunday in the year that the church has set aside to recognize and celebrate the diversity in the church.

One thing that causes the church to lose members is discrimination against certain people.

James 2:1-4 says that we should not treat people differently, based on how they are dressed.

Philippians 2:13 says that it is God who causes us to serve Him.

When we find people from all walks of life in church, it means that it is God who has caused them to be there. God likes diversity. We see variety in nature, in trees, fruit, birds and so on.

5 ways to make people feel special

1.  Learn to call people by their name.

2.  Smile at them and look them in the eye when you speak to them.

3.  Be sincere and do not flatter them. Proverbs 24:24

4.  Look for good qualities in them. Focus on the good things in people.

5.  Give general compliments.

6.  Give compliments on specific things.

7. Compliment them in front of other people.

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