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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church II

How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church II

August 25, 2013
Acts 2:42-47

1. You must be a devoted member yourself. 

2. Speak well of your church. There is no perfect church on earth. Other people will want to come to our church if we share positive things about our church.

3. Say positive things about the Pastors. God has anointed your Pastor especially for you, and with a lot of messages and other good things that will help you.

4. You need to say good things about the church members. The church is made up of imperfect people, who are all trying to become more like Christ.

2 Cor 3:18 says that we are all being changed as we follow the Lord.

Duties of a Shepherd: Interaction

Duties of a Shepherd: Interaction

August 24, 2013
- Interaction needs to be an intntional part of our effort in engaging other people.

8 Reasons Why Interaction Is Important:

1. Interaction makes people stay in the church. After all the attractions that being people in the church have worn off, it is the friendships that they form in the church that keep them. That is why quarrels are also the way that people leave the church. Interaction is the cement of the church.

2. Interaction makes people feel important. 

3. Interaction makes people feel that they are not just a number or a statistic.

4. Interactions make people that they are not objects being used to make the pastor famous. One of the things that makes a pastor famous is the size of his church - or the controversy around their lives. 
Prov 14:28 - the honor comes from the multitude and destruction from the lack.

5. Interaction is important because personal contact changes wrong impressions. People commonly have erroneous impressions about churches, pastors, etc. The queen of Sheba had heard so many things about King Solomon, and until she decided to come and saw for herself. 2 Chron 9:5-6

6. Interaction is important because personal contact helps people to become more committed. John 1:47-51.

7. Interaction is important because Jesus interacted. Mark 1:16-17 - Jesus approached people and spoke to them and invited them into His ministry.

8. Interaction make people feel special.

How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church

How To Develop Devoted Members For Your Church

August 24, 2013
Acts 2:42-47

1. You must be a devoted member yourself. 
- Nehemiah 2:1-5 Nehemiah looked sad while he was at work. The king was surprised because Nehemiah was always cheerful.
- We need to overcome the obstacles we face on Sunday mornings and attend church every Sunday.

The Three Stages Of a Church Member:

1. The Deer Stage: 
- deer like to walk away and hide when they see a human approaching.

2. The Goat Stage:
- goats are usually strong-willed and do not take direction from the shepherd.

3. The Sheep Stage:
- sheep always stay together and are easily guided. 
- The Bible describes us as the sheep of His pasture. Psalm 100:3

- We need to become like sheep. Psalm 23 

- When we allow God and the Pastors to lead us, we will be blessed.
The LORD Has Made Room For Us

The LORD Has Made Room For Us

August 17, 2013
Genesis 26:1-22

- Problems in this life come in cycles. Isaac lost one well and then another. Also, there was a famine during the time of Abraham and 
another one during the time of Isaac.

- God will bless us if we are in His will, regardless of where we live. God told Isaac to stay in Gerar, and not go to Egypt. 

- God’s blessing causes us to advance faster and further in life. We should not do something because everyone is doing it. We should do what God has told us to do.

- When we are established, we need to say what Isaac said in Genesis 26:22, “For now the LORD hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

- Job 36.11 - God will bless our obedience.
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