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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
Ten Laws of Loyalty - II

Ten Laws of Loyalty - II

May 28, 2013

3. Loyalty breeds loyalty

4. Disloyalty breeds disloyalty

5. Loyalty has a single eye

6. Loyalty demands the right attitude

7. Loyalty does not create or join factions

8. The root of disloyalty is pride

9. Loyalty is an integral part of your character

10. Familiarity breeds disloyalty

Ten Laws of Loyalty - I

Ten Laws of Loyalty - I

May 12, 2013

1. The head of an organization must first be loyal to his subordinates. Psalm 133:1-2

2. Lolyalty is the key to expansion.

15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing IV

15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing IV

May 5, 2013

11. The anointing will cause you to develop a powerful relationship with God. It creates a special bond with God, because it is the Spirit of God. - Psa 89:26-27 - Gen 20:7, 17-18

12. The anointing will give eternal things - Rev 14:13 - Blessed are the dead... Wait. We count the dead as not blessed. But in God's eyes, there are some dead which are blessed - those that die in the LORD. The rest from their labors and the labor they did follows them, not perishing.

13. The anonintong with cause God to have a covenant with you. Psalm 89:28.

14. The anointing will cause God to establish your children. Psalm 89:29. Malachi 4:6 - when the hearts of the fathers are turned away from the children and the hearts of the children not towards the fathers, it creates a an environment for a curse.

15. The anointing will give you a long lasting ministry. Psal 89:36-37

The Touch of Jesus Christ

The Touch of Jesus Christ

May 4, 2013

Mark 8:10-26 - Jesus Heals A Blind Man

Stepping Into The Supernatural

Stepping Into The Supernatural

May 4, 2013

We are spiritual and natural. But we tend to operate in the natural. God operates in the spiritual - the supernatural.

There is a thin line between. If we are not sensitive and receptive, we shall not benefit.

There is just a step into the supernatural.

When You Step Into The Supernatural:

- God Will be with you

- God will bring you back again and restore you.

- God will not leave you until He has finished doing what He promised.

... and much more.

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