UA-96339200-1 Why You Must See Yourself As A Shepherd
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Why You Must See Yourself As A Shepherd

September 17, 2013
-God's people are seen by Him as sheep - dependent creatures.
This means then, 'Why You Must Be Involved In Looking After God's People.'

- Ezekiel 34:5-11 - when there is no shepherd the sheep are scattered and become prey to the beasts of the field.

-If we can increase the amount of shepherding on the church, we should increase also the gathering.

-the diseased need strengthening
-the sick need healing
-the broken need to be bound up 
-the driven need to be brought back

- Matt 9:36-38

- Neh 6:1-3 - Do not leave the great work of God's kingdom to go do some lesser business.

- Matt 6:27,33 God takes care of us when we mind His sheep. We should realize we cannot even change any thing by taking thought.

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