UA-96339200-1 Why Non-Tithing Christians Remain Poor
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Why Non-Tithing Christians Remain Poor

March 15, 2015

Tithe means tenth and it is something that The Lord says belongs to Him 
Leviticus 27:29-30
God has a habit of setting things aside for Himself 
1. they have nothing to harvest 
Hosea 8:7.Every time you sow, your harvest is greater than your seed; sowing releases a harvest 
When you don't tithe, you have scheduled a season(s) of nothing to come
2. they do not attract blessings on their lives; exclude themselves from many blessings 
A blessing is a stepping stone, makes you bigger than what you are; gives you something that you don't qualify for . Malachi 3:10 -You have to count your blessings to recognize them. Tithes replenishes the blessings in your life 
3. they are cursed- Malachi 3:8-10
When a Christian doesn't pay their tithes and offerings, then they are robbing God and are cursed with a cursed. 
4. devours constantly eat their wealth -Non-tithers expose themselves to devours to take their blessings
Malachi 3:11
5. the fruits of their field are constantly destroyed 
Malachi 3:11.The destroyer removes your wealth in a painless and mindless fashion; the destroyer is the brother to the devourer 
6. they lose their fruits before they get a chance to harvest 
Malachi 3:11.Blessings being destroyed before they are even mature 
Genesis 1:9-11; 26-31; 2:8-9; 15-17.Learn to respect holy things, for it belongs to God

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