UA-96339200-1 The Mustard Seed
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

The Mustard Seed

July 20, 2014
Matt 13:31-32
- When God starts a new thing it is the smallest of all things e.g. a person who is born as a little child
- If you do not have eye for small things you can easily miss God.
- A tree becomes a place of rest,raising of kids,shelter or protection for danger etc for the birds so is the small child that becomes big with time.
- The least of all seeds can become the greater than all herbs when God is in it.
- It's just a matter of time before the less of seeds become greater than all herbs and becomes a tree.
- God is like fire that doesn't need you to believe in it to burn.It will burn anything it comes into contact with whether you believe it or not
- Herbs are like the church which brings out the fragrances in peoples lives.
- Herbs like the church also have medicinal values meant for the restoring of our souls.
- Just as the king of kings was born in a manger so will a new small church also grow to become great

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