UA-96339200-1 The Mission
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

The Mission

September 6, 2015

Matthew 28:18-19
Acts 1:4; 8
 -God has assigned us a multicultural mission
Acts 2:1; 8
-when you receive the Holy Spirit, He will give you the strength, power, and other tongues (other languages)
-God had them wait for the Holy Spirit so that He could prepare them
-The kind of help God sends your way is the kind of mission He is sending you to do.
        -the Holy Spirit wants to reach people
        -we won't be able to reach greatness until we reach the people who are different from us
Acts 15:1-11
-Christianity is not in what people wear and how they appear; we need to be open as Christians and open our hearts to others
-Speaking another language means that you understand the person and you can help lead them to salvation
        -the Holy Spirit is international and ministers to all

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