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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
How To Pray Part III

How To Pray Part III

November 30, 2014

Principles 7-10
 -  Principle 7: Every Nation Needs lots of prayer and prayerful leaders 
            The devil controls the leader(s); he is interested in decision makers.
-  Principalities and darkness (from the Bible) are evil and wicked spirits 
            1 Timothy 2:1-3

-  Principle 8: It is Important to Pray for Long Hours 
           Matthew 26:40-44; 51
          Anything that will affect your life for a long period of time calls for long prayers on that topic, e.g. marriage, where you live.
          When you sleep instead of watching and praying, you will make wrong decisions.
-  Principle 9: It is Important to Enter Your Closet for Effective Prayer 
          Daniel 6:9
          Daniel is showing us where to pray for long periods of time 

-  Principle 10: Everyone must develop the formula for praying four times a day 

How To Pray

How To Pray

November 14, 2014

Prayer is communicating with God and in common in most religions 
 -If you are too busy to prayer then you have crossed the line. 
 -Daniel 6:9-10
Develop and excellent spirit like Daniel
The reason why prayer has been skipped is because it has not become an everyday necessity 
Prayer is the art of returning back to its maker. 

ABC’s Faith Part V

ABC’s Faith Part V

November 9, 2014

Types of Faith:

4) Strong faith 

5) Exceeding growing faith 

6) Increasing faith (Luke 17:5)

-Faith is fluid. Romans 12:3 
7) Faith unfeigned (genuine and sincere) -1 Timothy 1:5
8) Unwavering faith (James 1:6) 
-Wavering faith doesn't answer prayers 
9) Rich faith (James 2:5) 
-Humility is connected to faith 
10) Perfect/mature faith 
11) World overcoming faith (1 John 5:4) 
-Anything born of God will overcome; to overcome means to fight. 
12) Failing faith (Luke 22:32)
-When your faith fails, it gives the devil access to you. 
13) Shipwrecked faith (1 Timothy 1:19)  
14) Dead faith (James 2:17) 
-Life of faith is corresponding action; faith without worlds is dead 


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