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Demons and How To Deal With Them:How to Overcome Evil Spirits

August 19, 2012

1. Demons are challenged by the presence of God. Learn how to cultivate the presence of God around you - how to be in the presence of God. You probably notice how heaviness and depression seem to lift when you come to church...

Why The Presence of God Overcomes Demons:

1. The word of God is preached and taught. Heb 4:12

2. The word of God is a light and it exposes the activities of demons. John 1:5. Notice that the trouble spots in your life are the areas you do not discuss with anyone.

How can we cultivate the presence of God?: (bring the presence of God around you)

1. Through worship and music. Listening to the right kind of music. There is a wrong kind of music. The devil, the heavenly musician is adept at using music to take the yourh and the culture. 1 Sam 16:14-23, 2 Kings 3:14-16, 2 Chron 5:13-14

2. Prayer - Luke 3:21-22 Jesus prayed and the Holy Ghost descended upon him.

3. Listen to anointed preaching.


Characteristics of Demons: Conclusion 1

August 12, 2012



-Territorialism - learn

-Depression & Mental Disorders


-Unnatural behavior - man could not live in a house Luke 8:27

-Excess Capacity for anything Mark 5:3-4 bound with chains but he plucked them off and broke the chains. Acts 19:13-16. Addictions.

-Self destruction - cutting himself with stones

-Uncontrollable People Mark 5:3-4 neither could any man tame him.


Five Facts About The Call of God

August 7, 2012

Christians must expect that there is a reason God has called them.

A call from God to do anything at all is a privilige and a blessing:

1. Many are called. Matt 22:14 God is interested in many people and provides them opportunity. Not many respond, so few are chosen.

2. There is a call to fruitfulness. A general call to fruitfulness. John 15:16, John 6:44 That is a call to everyone to be fruitful

3. Some people are called in a spectacular way. Acts 9:3-6 Spectacular calling of Paul.

4. Some people are called in an ordinary way. 1 Kings 19:11

5. Some people are called through their desires 1 Tim 3:1 ...if a man desires the office of a bishop. Phil 2:13 ...God worketh in us both to will and do ...


Characteristics Of Demons: Unnatural Things & Isolation

August 5, 2012

Mark 5:1-17

-the enemy's plan is to destro us in the end as with the pigs that were drowned.

Characteristics of Demons:

1. Fear - comes to prepare a place for more evil spirits and their evil they bring as you would prepare for a visitor you are expecting.

- it robs you of power, and makes you unable to take on challenges. THe lepers of 2 Kings 7:3-9 tried and found that their supposed obstacle had been overcome for them.

- love is also destroyed by 1 john 4:18

2. Demons make people do unnatural things Mark 5:3 The man lived among tombs, wore no clothes. Mark 5:15 - is restored, to be peaceful among people, wear clothes.

3. Demons cause people to isolate themselves - the man was by himself, not in any house but in the tombs - Luke 8:27