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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
The Compassion of Jesus

The Compassion of Jesus

June 26, 2012

We need to learn from both what Jesus said and what He did.

Compassion: means deep feeling of sympathy or feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

- Luke 10:30- The good samaritan - His response was different because of the element of compassion inside him.

Jesus Showing Compassion:

-Matt 14:14 - having compassion on them, He healed them.

-Matt 20:30 - having compassion on them, touched their eyes and they were opened.

-Mark 1:40-45 -

Mark 5:1-17 - v17 Jesus explained that what the mad man had experienced was the compassion of the LORD, and gave him it as the key to ministry

-Mark 9:17- - the man begged for compassion for healing for his son. Also note that the prayer and fasting Jesus said was required for dealing with the demons, was that which He had already done. It was not now that He was going to start fasting and praying.

-Luke 7:11-16 - Compassion led him to raise the dead son of the widow - v13.

-Heb 4:15 - We do not have an high priest who cannot be touch with the feeling of our infirmities...

-Exodus 3:5-8 God knew the suffering

-Rom 9:15 - God will have soverignty in choosing who to show mercy and compassion to.

-Heb 4:16 - ...come boldly before the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy and grace in time of need.

Spiritual Distance

Spiritual Distance

June 24, 2012

Spiritual distance is not the same as physical distance. When something is physically distant from you, it does not mean that it is spiritually distant from you and vice versa.

Mark 5:6 - The man had many demons but ran to Jesus and worshipped Him.

Mark 1:23  - The man had demons but was in church

Matt 16:16-23 - Peter had revelations from God and was shortly thereafter used of the devil.

Matt 8:8

1. Physically far away does not mean spiritually far away

2. Physically close does not mean spiritually close.

3. You can be close to someone physically but not benefit from them spiritually. a. Familiarity can block the blessing that a man of God close to you would otherwise be to you. b. Faith brings the blessing to you even when you are separated by time and distance.

4. You do not have to be physically near a person for the anointing to affect you. That is why we need to be in the habit of listening to messages.

5. You can be physically next door to evil powers and they not have an effect on you. Eph 1:18-23 - In Christ we have been placed far above every principality and power...

The Blessed Hands of Jesus

The Blessed Hands of Jesus

June 19, 2012

1. Luke 24:50-53. He lifted His hands and blessed them.

2. Matt 14:30-34. Sometimes when we strike out for the LORD, things can begin to turn out as the skeptics said it would. We begin to sink. The next thing to do is to cry out to the LORD to save us. "And immediately Jesus streched forth His hand and caught him..."

3. Mark 1:40-43. Jesus put forth His hand and touched him ... and IMMEDIATELY the leprosy departed from him... We may believe that God can make the impossible to happen. Its not beyond His power. But we wonder whether He is WILLING to help us. We need to believe like this leper that He can choose to do it for us. No one is too far gone.

4. Luke 8:41- Someone's miracle will not stop yours from coming. The woman with the issue of blood had her miracle inserted on the way to raise Jairus' daughter.

5. Mark 6:35- When the hands of the LORD touch the little you have and multiples it. Do your bit and leave the rest in the master's hands.

6. Mark 10:13. Jesus touched the children and blessed them. Do not forbid the children to come to the LORD for His blessing touch.

7. Luke 24:30-31. Jesus blessed the food ... Ex 23:25

8. When we are in doubt, it is a great time to experience the hands of the LORD. John 20:24-27. Jesus' blessed hands converting doubting Thomas into a real disciple...

The Territorial Nature of Demons

The Territorial Nature of Demons

June 3, 2012

Mark 5:1-17 We can see what the demons would like to do in a person's life depending on how much control they have over that life.

1. Demons occupy and work in specific places. Different demons take over specific places and it is evident in their different manifestations in the different areas.

v9-10 The demons were a group and perhaps the one that spoke is the captain. When they saw they had to leave the man, they started seeking the next best option - to stay in their area.

Matt 12:43-45 - Demons when cast out of a man are displaced. - They can identify a specific place or person as their dwelling.

Eph 6:10-12 v12 - Principalities - rulers of a region

Implications: 1. Church planting is more difficult in some places than others. 2. It will be difficult therefore for churches to grow in some places than others. 3. Prayer is more difficult in some places. 4. Marriage is also different from place to place. 5. Business is also different in different places. 6. You will not have certain problems until you go to certain places. 7. It also means you must sanctify every home, room or dwelling place that you move into. 8. It is the explanation for the peculiar characteristics of 'races', tribes and different people groups. 9. Don't judge, mock, or laugh at someone because of their particular problem - it may be because of where they are or have passed that you have not been.

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