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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
Allos - Key to Becoming Anointed

Allos - Key to Becoming Anointed

June 26, 2011

To be anointed means to have the Spirit God's resting upon you.

- Anointing breaks heavy yokes and releives heavy burdens. Zech 4:6. We usually apply more power, might skills, etc when we encounter some problems that don't want to go away as we had expected. Anointing is for breaking of yokes and removal of burdens Isa 10:27

- Anointing brings change into our lives. 1Sam 10:6

- John 14:16-17 Jesus promised another Helper (allos Helper) to help the believers in the same things that He had been helping them with. That is the Spirit that was on Him and to make believers Christlike.

Benefits of Allos

Benefits of Allos

June 22, 2011

Today being 'Fathers' Day' we reflect on God, who is not only our creator, but Father to all that are born of His Spirit. Fathering is not about biology. Its is about discipline and direction. Fathering is an attribute of God that we get to share in.

Eph 6:2-3 Honoring Fathers opens and renews the flow and supply of God for long life and it being well with us. 10. Understanding Allos helps you when you encounter difficulties. Doctors are calm in the emergencies because they have seen many other situations of a similar kind.

11. Allos creates an army of multiplied force -   ecc 4:9-12 That is why the devil fights churches when they start.

12. Allos is the natural way to increase. The natural way that all of creation multiplies

The Weakness of Humility

The Weakness of Humility

June 22, 2011

When you learn to be humble, you look weak. But there is found the greatest strength.

1. Humility is the acceptance of our place as dependent on God. John 5:19, John 8:28, John 15:5 The importance of coming to a place where you recognize your dependence on God.

2.Humility is the highest lesson every believer has to learn Matt 11:29-30 Rest for your soul lies in humility. Deliverance from agitation.

3. Humility is to feel blessed while you have nothing

4. Humility is being obedient knowing nothing about anything except what God says. Phil 2:8

5.Humility is the distinguishing feature of ChristMat11:29

6.Humility is the highest virtue that aman can attain Phil 2:5

7.Humility is hte highest grace attainable and willdetermine the highest walk and position in heaven Mt 18:1-4, Mk 10:40-45

8. Humility is personified in Christ taking upon Himself the form of a  servant Phil 2:5-8

9. Humility is Christ emptying Himself and becoming a man Phil 2:5-8

10 Humility is eternal love clothing itself in meekness and gentleness to win to save and to serve us. Phil 2:5-8

11.Humility is the rescue from the dual offer of Satan to be like God and to know good and evil and not need God. The edenic offer.

12. Humility is salvation. To be  redeemed from pride and a terrible nature that destroys everything. To reintroduce the chief grace we lost in the fall.

13. Humility is to  be like Christ. It is Christ-likeness.

Principles of Allos - ||

Principles of Allos - ||

June 12, 2011

God made everything to reproduce after their kind, and He said this pattern was good. He already blessed this process. This is how we too are to prosper.

Key Scriptures: Gen 1:11-12, 21, 25,26-28 and Eccl 1:8-10

5. Allos makes you dependent and sheep like. Ps 23:1-6 applies to those humbling themselves and accepting to be as sheep.

6. Gives access to strategies and formulae that have worked for your kind.

7. Becoming an allos makes you a member of a particular group.

8. Becomin give you an easy road to ministry

9. Moves you surge ahead in ministry faster

10. Understanding alloshelps you when you encounter difficulties. If you appreaciate the fact that nothing is new, then you can be humble to find the solution amongst those who have seen them before.

Things That Will Cause You to Lose Your Humility

Things That Will Cause You to Lose Your Humility

June 8, 2011

1. Having the wrong mind, by: -You must not have a mentality of high mindedness - like be able to eat, sleep, flow with things of low estate.

- a mind that you are being cheated.

- do not have a mind that you have been forgotten and must be remembered

2. Holding on to your good repuation Phil 2:5

3. Not accepting to be a servant Phil 2: Christ took upon Him the form of a servant. (because He was not). The purpose of a servant is to serve others

4. When you are not conscious of your humanity: You do not accept that you are a mere human being with limitations, you don't know evereything, you can't do some things.

The Key of Humility

The Key of Humility

June 1, 2011

It is easy to be busy thinking we are serving the LORD and pleasing Him, not knowing that we are far from it.  Humility is one of those things that when we lack, we fail to please God no matter what other efforts we are making. Humility is precious to God.  Jesus said in Matt 18:2-3 And He called a child Himself and set him before them and said, 'Truly I say unto you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.'

Phil 2:5-11 - Teaches to have an attitude of humility - like Jesus.

Humility is a Key Because:

Humility opens the door to:

- salvation - healing - the power of the Holy Spirit - speaking in tongues - the anointing of God. amongst other conditions like servanthood,  receiving a father, learning from another person, listening to a man - full time ministry - ability to raise funds for the work of God. - visitation to all kinds of places - - prayer. One of the greatest demonstrations of humility b'cos you are openly saying you need help - ability to interact with souls - counseling. to say the same thing over and over to people who may not listen or obey - ability to plant churches - ability to witness on the street - ability to share dreams - being led by the spirit - singing in public - worship as you should, cry out, kneel, lie prostrate - evangelism - missoinary work: to go to a place to become a missionary where you do know anything

1 pet 3:1-4 Humility precious to God