UA-96339200-1 What it means to be puffed up like Belshazzar
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

What it means to be puffed up like Belshazzar

February 8, 2015

1. When you don't respect the church or pastors
We have to be careful not to cross spiritual lines; most of the times we don't even know when we have crossed spiritual lines
            -          1 Corinthians 5
-          Daniel 5:2-3
We must not let arrogance and pride allow us to misuse and abuse sacred things because we must show respect to the person that is using them 
2. When you think God is not important and the only important things are gold, silver and wood. 
 -      Daniel 5:4 
If you work for, love and seek after money, you will find that money is a hard master 

3. Belshazzar was puffed up because he did not learn from his father’s mistakes
Everyone needs 2 examples in life: what to be and what not to be 
-          Daniel 5:18, 22-23