UA-96339200-1 The Flowing Heart
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

The Flowing Heart

December 10, 2011

1. A willing heart: Inclined to yield itself to something. Ex 25:1-2. God wants to recieve offerings from the heart. God loves a cheerful giver - 2 Cor 9:7.

2. A Stirred Heart: Excited and moved toward the expression of the emotion. Livened and making the things inside come out. Ex 35:21.

3. Soft Heart: tender, compassionate and kind, can be reasoned with, willing to hear counsel and word of God, not a difficult person. Job 23:16, James 3:17.

4. A Communing Heart: can communicate initimately with the LORD, in heartened intimacy with the LORD, always expecting to hear from God, ever searching for God input, conscious of the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Ps 4:4

5. A Heart of Wax: similar to soft heart, easily melts or can be cut through with ease, Ps 22:14

6. A Burning Heart: experiences strong emotion or desire Luke 24:25-32

7. Heart That is One With Those Called of God: Acts4:32

8. An Opened Heart: gives God access, not shielded fasted or sealed from God, not walled way from trusting and relating, accepts people. Acts 16:14

9. An Obedient Heart: dutifully complies with commands and instructions of God, submits to authority. Rom 6:17, Ps 119:60

10. A Steadfast Heart: firmly fixed, steady, immovable, not wavering, not believing and doubting at other times. 1 Cor 7:37