UA-96339200-1 How To Pray Part III
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

How To Pray Part III

November 30, 2014

Principles 7-10
 -  Principle 7: Every Nation Needs lots of prayer and prayerful leaders 
            The devil controls the leader(s); he is interested in decision makers.
-  Principalities and darkness (from the Bible) are evil and wicked spirits 
            1 Timothy 2:1-3

-  Principle 8: It is Important to Pray for Long Hours 
           Matthew 26:40-44; 51
          Anything that will affect your life for a long period of time calls for long prayers on that topic, e.g. marriage, where you live.
          When you sleep instead of watching and praying, you will make wrong decisions.
-  Principle 9: It is Important to Enter Your Closet for Effective Prayer 
          Daniel 6:9
          Daniel is showing us where to pray for long periods of time 

-  Principle 10: Everyone must develop the formula for praying four times a day 

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