UA-96339200-1 Five Things That Destroy Churches - Passivity & Political Spirit
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

Five Things That Destroy Churches - Passivity & Political Spirit

November 3, 2013

4. Passivity in the members

- A passive person does not involve themselves in anything that is going on in the church, but sits back and watch unconcerned and uninvolved.
- A growing church needs to have more people helping. e.g. Drama Ministry, Choir, Prayer Team.
- Some people are not interested in joining any group in the church.
- With the exception of new church members, everyone in the church needs to help to build the church.

- Passivity is often rooted in hurts or offenses, especially in people who were formally active in the church, but have pulled back. Usually they were hurt by something that happened in the church.

- Matthew 25:15-29
- the servant is called wicked for doing nothing! No one escapes blame by doing nothing.
to do nothing is wickedness because God has given everyone talents, and He looks for a return from the investment he has made into His servants.
- Everyone is passionate about something.
- God wants us to be passionate about o
ur relationship with Him and about building His church.
- Nehemiah 3:5 - God sees who is not passionate.
- Jeremiah 48:10 - passivity attracts a curse.

- Find out what you can do to help and do it.

5. A political spirit

- A person with a political spirit tries to involve others in his ideas and philosophies.
- people with similar political ideas group together and form parties or groups, and disagree with everything the opposing contrary.

- 2 Samuel 15:1-6 -
Absalom created a group of people who shared his ideas and thoughts. Later when he rebelled, he got 200 people to rebel with him.
- do not join factions in the church.
- When you have a bad experience or find fault with the church, do not find others who have had the same bad experience, and form a group based on that.
- Instead, get help to try to solve the problem.

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