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Relationship Lessons from Joseph and Mary

December 25, 2016

Preached at LCI LA (Pasadena)


Jesus' parents were an example to everyone in a relationship. Apostle points out 5 lessons that any wise person should learn from the story of Joseph and Mary. Merry Christmas!


Following Hard After God

December 19, 2016

Preached at LCI LA (Pasadena)


"My soul followeth hard after thee..." Psalm 63:8

Good things come to those who follow diligently. Until we chase God like we chase other things we desire, we will never experience Him full. Apostle Joel breaks down what it means to follow hard after God.


Laikos: The Example-Setting Ministry of Volunteers

December 11, 2016

What makes volunteers special?

Volunteers are an example of zeal.

Volunteers are an example of hard work.

Volunteers are an example of Christ-Likeness that others can follow.

Volunteers are an example of a pattern of good works.

Volunteers are an example to be remembered in a good way, even if dead.


Apostle Joel teaches on the role volunteers play in the establishment of a great church. Be blessed!


Preached at LCI LA (Pasadena)


Laikos: How To Share The Burden With Lay People - Lay People Can Help To Fight Disloyalty

December 4, 2016

When your aim is to please people, you will not please God. The work of building up the church is the work for God's people. The way we mature in Christ is through what we do for Him. In this message, Aposlte Joel walks us through how sharing the burden with lay people can help fight disloyaty within the congregation. Be blessed!