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Why You Must Be Anointed - 15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing III

Why You Must Be Anointed - 15 Powerful Effects of the Anointing III

April 28, 2013

- Having the wrong mind about anointing cuts you off from many of the God's blessings. Anointing is not only for preaching, but for regular Christian living.

Recap - 15 Powerful Effects:

1. Supernatural Help 2. Promotion to great heights 3. Establishment 4. Strength 5. Protection from deception.


6. The anointing will deliver you from the afflictions of the devil. Ps 89:22b. The anointing will heal your body also and keep sicknesses at bay.

7. The anointing will cause enemies who fight against you to be destroyed. Psalm 89:23; Num 12:1-2; Gen 20:1-7; 17-18

8. The anointing will cause you to experience the loving kindness of God - Psalm 89:24

9. God's anointing will establish you as a person of authority - Psalm 89:24

10. The anointing will cause you to expand  - it will expand your sphere and scope of influence. - Ps 89:25

1 John 2:20, 27

Job 32:7-8

The Importance Of Sowing Seeds II

The Importance Of Sowing Seeds II

April 16, 2013

Sowing and reaping represents the part that God has given us to influence our destiny and outcomes.

Gen 8:22 - God places sowing and reaping as constant as seasons, day and night or as summer and winter come and go.

- With the same planning and calculation you plan for the cold, so must you plan to flow with the sowing and reaping. Making sure to sow the right thing at the right time for after that, we have little control but to wait for the harvest.

-Sow much -Sow a variety of things, so you will different kinds of things.

- Matt 7:12 - Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them:

10. The seed of money mixed with prayer will bring a heavenly and spiritual visitation

11. A seed toward evangelism and missions is a special that will cause God to provide all your needs according to His riches in glory. Phil 4:15-19

12. A seed to your spirtual teacher is a special seed that fulfils righteousness. Gal 6:6-7

13. Helping somebody is a special seed that can be sown. Eph 6:5-8; Col 3:23; - Eccl 11:1-2 You can't give something away; you just relocate it into your future.

Seeds People In The Bible Sowed

-Rahab -Onesiphorus -Joseph interpreted dream -Disciples -Abigail - helped David

Why You Must Be Anointed III

Why You Must Be Anointed III

April 14, 2013

3. The anointing will cause you to be established in this life. - Deut 28:64-66 - Psalm 89:20-21

4. The anointing will introduce strength in your life. - Romans 7:15-22 - Isaiah 61:1-3

5. THe anointing will protect you from deception. - Psalm 89:22 - Proverbs 2:10-20

The Importance of Sowing Seeds

The Importance of Sowing Seeds

April 9, 2013

1. Seeds are God's creation to provide wealth and blessing in the earth. Seed is the propagative structure of anything. IF you want to have something, identify its seed an sow it.

2. Sowing seeds gives you a legal right to a harvest.

3. Good things are seeds. Gal 6:6-8. The seed is part of the fruit. The good thing that we want is what we must sow. That is what the seed is.

4. Spiritual virtues are seeds that can be sown. Matt 5:7 - Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Matt 18:32-35 The man was given a fruit of mercy but did not sow any of it, so he had no more right to continue to enjoy the harvest of mercy.

5. Good deeds are seeds that can be sown.

6. The word of God is seed that can be sown. Mark 4:14. The sower soweth the word.

7. Money is a seed that can be sown. 2 Cor 9:6-7

8. The tithe is a special seed that can be sown. Malachi 3:10

9. A seed to the poor is a special seed that gives a harvest of preservation, long life and health to the sower. Psalm 41:1-3

10. The seed of money mixed with prayer. Cornelias of Acts 10; his prayers and alms came up for a memorial before God Acts 10:4

Why You Must Be Anointed II

Why You Must Be Anointed II

April 7, 2013

- Anointing is not only for preachers.  1 Samuel 10:6, Zechariah 4:6-7

15 Powerful Effects of The Anointing:

1. The anointing will produce supernatural help for your life. Psalm 89:19-20

2. The anointing will cause you to be raised up to great heights in life. Dan 6:1-5

Continuing Until The End II

Continuing Until The End II

April 2, 2013

- A christian must think about heaven often. - It must affect all you are doing here on earth. - Some things we may do are good and acceptable for here on earth but are not appropriate for someone with a plan for heaven. - It should affect what we are willing to endure to stay heaven ready.

Matt 12:38-40

Mark 8:31-32

What People Who Did Not Know The LORD Said As They Passed On:

1. Voltaire - one who said the Christianity would end briefly. His house became the depot for the Geneva Bible Society. His nurse swore not to take all the wealth of Europe to avoid seeing another infidel die.

2. Thomas Hobbes: author of 'The Leviathan'. He corrupted many contemp If I had the whole world I would give it to live one day more. I am about to take a leap in the dark.

3. Thomas Cromwell - Earl of Essex - responsible for digging up and burning of the bones of ** as criminals. "The devil is ready to seduce us and I have been seduced. But bear me witness that I die in the catholic faith."

4. Thomas : Until this moment I thought there was neither God nor a devil. But now I know that there are both. And I am doomed by the judgement of God.

5. Robert Green Ingersol - gave 'The mistakes of Moses' lecture. "O God, if there is a God, have mercy on my soul if I have a soul."

6.  S.  Francis Gilfort - was raised up with the bible but fell into bad company. "From where is this war in my heart. What arguments do I have to assis me in matter of fact. Should I say there is no hell when there is one in my bossom? That I am certain that there is no judgment when I feel present judgment? ... That there is a hell I am surely certain.

7. William Pope - a christian who backslid when his wife died and followed Tom Payne. "No case is comparable to mine. I cannot reverse. God will damn me forever." They used to kick the bible and other blasphemous acts.

**These and more references can be found in the book 'Backsliding' by Dag Heward-Mills - towards the end.

Heb 12:1-3 - v3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

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