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Keeping The Faith Through Adversity

December 16, 2012

- Isaiah 43:1-2 - Genesis 37, 39, 40 - The LORD is with us through through the stuff. He does not intend to spare us from it but to be with is through it. - Daniel 3:20-28


How To Position Yourself For Miracles II

December 8, 2012

5. Do not ignore small changes and small signs of the solution John 6:5-10

-The two small fish and five loaves belonging to a boy who was not even numbered in the 5000.

- Or the woman who fed Elijah on her last meal and the meal finished not the whole time when there was dearth.Naaman the Syrian general almost turned away from bathing in the Jordan - a simple thing.

-Just because the problem is complex and unsolvable for you, does not mean that it is so for God.

-If you are following Jesus, you must expect miracles. After all they are one of the things that set Him apart from all the others.


How To Position Yourself For Miracles

December 8, 2012

Somehow life gets us to a point where we need something supernatural to happen. We need a miracle.

John 6:1-15

1. become a true follower of Jesus Christ. not just a church member, but a follower, beileving and doing His teachings. Following requires a developed relationship with much communication in different places and circumstances. In JOhn 1:35-51 - the disciples are introduced to Jesus but you see them develop their own relationship with Jesus and some even get their own personal prophecies that those who introduced them are not a part of.

God sees the reason why we seek Him. John 6:24-26. Jesus knew the people were after Him because of bread.

2. Be bold and courageous. Jesus boldly decided to go ahead and offer the 5 loaves and 2 fishes to thousands. Josh 1:1-9 Joshua was conuseled strongly to be courageous and strong.

3. Be a believer in miracles. Miracles begin when we can no longer help ourselves, and what we can do is not enough. Apply your faith positively to miracles not to fear and oppression and demons. John 6:5-6.  Believe because God already knows what He will do about your circumstance.

4. Do not me moved or affected by the little or lack of faith in others. John 6:5-7. Jesus did not mind Philip's wavering about the lack of ability to feed the multitudes.