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Apostle Joel Obuobisa
Why The Shepherd’s Heart Is Important

Why The Shepherd’s Heart Is Important

October 4, 2011

1.  Prov 4:23 - because of the strong admonition God gives to guard it. Anything that is heavily guarded is important. Nothing is to be spared in the heart-keeping effort.

2. It is the source of all that the shepherd ministers - or the extent to which it has settled in his heart.

3. It is a source of all issues and problems. If you solve the heart's problem superficially, then the issue is not really solved. It surfaces again.

4. It influences everything in his life. Prov 4:23 in TLB

5. That is where life begins.

6. It is an unknowable element. Jer 17:9, Ps 139:23

7. It is a treasure box containing many good things. Matt 12:35

8. It is the source of many evil things. Mark 7:21-23

9. It can be a residence for God. God has chosen to dwell in our hearts. Eph 3:17-19, Rev 3:20

10. It can also be a residence for demons, evil spirits.

Your Tithe is Your Obedience and Shows Faith in God

Your Tithe is Your Obedience and Shows Faith in God

October 2, 2011

Deut 26:10-13 5. You Obey God - showing obedience to commandments of God. Deut 26:14 - I have listened to the voice  of the LORD my God. Deut 28:1

6. You demonstrate faith in God. In the existence invisible powers of God. Mal 3:10-11

7. You appreciate full time ministry Deut26:12. Neh 13:10

8. You demonstrate your belief in eternity. Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth... Mat 6:19-20

9. Obtain a blessing and avoid a curse Mal 3:8-9

10. You demonstrate your knowledge of the source of your blessing. To be continued.

More Diseases of Shepherds’ Hearts

More Diseases of Shepherds’ Hearts

October 2, 2011

20. A Presumptuous Heart:  is bold in going beyond what is allowed, takes for granted, assumes in an even more arrogant way with a sense of entitlement and is offensive and beyond acceptable limits. Presumption shows up in lack of prayer, unthankfulness because the stuff is assumed to be a right. Comes easily as a product of getting used to having things followed by a situation where the thing is not given, you react and act inappropriately. Est7:5

21. A Despising Heart: Closely related to the presumption, looks down on with mockery people, has a low opinion of others. Prov 5:12. It keeps the church from growing. People must feel wanted, acknowledged, and respected.

22. Abominable Heart: detestable, containing many shocking and disgusting abominable things Pro 26:25

23. Beastly Heart: ill natured and cantenkerous heart, lack reason, yielding, submission, neither gives place or understands, disagreable, unconsenting, difficult to reason with. Dan 4:1-16 The decisions he made would be the decisions and mind of a beast.

24. Iniquitous Heart: practises iniquity continually, living in iniquity ps 41:6

25. Wicked Heart: disposed to mischeif  and insensitive, deliberately harmful to people. Ps 58:2

26. Covetous heart: has strong desire to acquire posessions esp that belong to other people,  or to match other people. 2 pet 2:14

27. Blasphemous heart: grossly irreverent towards what is considered sacred or holy. Mat 15:19.

28. Hipocritical heart: professes virtues it does not have. Pretender, impressionist Jpb 36:13

29 Deceitful heart: deceived and tries to deceive others, false and insincere, you can never tell when he is speaking truth

29. Envious & Strife Hilled Heart

30. Evil heart: wicked & malicious, containing anger and spite, cause of harm and murder; devises and orchestrates evil;  Gen 6:5

31. Heart that is Lifted Up: perhaps something good has happened to it; it  has forgotten from whence it came. Deut 8:14, Isa9:9