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Enlarge Your World

September 27, 2011

ACTS 10:1-22

God sends people that are not like you to bless your life.

Luke 16:12

If you isolate yourself, then you will not get access to what is yours that God has put in the care of other people.

Your Tithe is Your Worship and Respect to God

September 27, 2011

- Every time you tithe you Worship God. Worship is not just singing. When you give the tithe back you are giving back that part of your life to God. Deut26:10

4. You show your respect for Holy things. Lev 27:30,32-33,Deut 26:13

More Diseases of Shepherds’ Hearts

September 27, 2011

11. Unbending heart: never yields, never gives in, never flows, never submitting, a heart that God gives to people He wants to punish and destroy.

Maturity is the ability to submit your will to another. Like Jesus told Peter that when he is old, another one shall bind him and lead him where he would rather not go. Gifts are rare ability but they are brought out and do their purpose when they are clothed in maturity.

12.Hardened as a stone Job 41:24

13. Backsliden Heart: has dropped to a lower level having resorted to lower level of service. Usually begins to do something undesirable that he had stopped. Prov 14:14. Backsliding starts with the change of heart, and thereafter shows symptoms, justifying his ways, with theories etc.

14. Foolish heart - show lack of knowledge and do not disperse it, shows poor judgement, Prov 15:15

15. An erring heart: tends towards error. A product of insufficient knowledge of the ways of the LORD. Ps 95:10

16. Troubled heart: has many problems, conflicts, doubts, different levels and degrees of disturbance, unstable, unsettled John 14:1 Heb 5:1-4

17. Stiffnecked heart: full of pride and unwilling to do what others say, takes not advice, disobeys God. Acts 7:51

10 Things That Happen When You Pay Your Tithe II

September 25, 2011

2 of 10 - Every time you pay tithe you remember God. Deut 8:11-14. We easily forget God. So He says beware not to forget Him and His commands and statutes. When our stuff is multiplying, what often happens is that our heart becomes proud

More Diseases of Shepherds’ Hearts

September 3, 2011

3. Fat and greasy heart. Ps 119:69-70

4. Bitter heart: usually follows a wounded heart. Harsh and sacarstic, resentful, for non obvious reasons, extreme in response.

5. Wounded heart: usually following an event, a disappointment, something we pursued with the whole heart but the turn out did not meet our expectation. Ps 109:22

6. Weak heart: lacking strength, fragile, collapses under strain and pressure: Eze 16:30-31

7.Gross Heart: lacking sensitivity and discenment Matt 13:15 can't heal because it cannot be converted, because it has no understanding, coz it cannot see and hear

8. Lustful heart: motivate by lust and greed Ps 81:12

9. Adulterous Heart: similar to above. Unfaithful. Matt 15:19

10. Blind to God: unable, unwilling to see & percieve the will of God Eph 4:18 blind heart will cause ignorance, causing an alienation from the life of God; 1 Pet 1:3 Walking in knowledge of Him will allow

11. Overwhelmed heart (by circumstances, etc)

12. Whorish heart - plays the harlot, never satisfied or content with what it has, roaming heart, usually half in world and half in church, in a continuous affair in the world, married to Christ but dating the world at the same time. Ps 61:1-2